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About Anthony Michael Angelo: Also known as i'm Clever Artist Name, a producer, multi instrumentalist, DJ, writer, and cinematographer.

A brief history..

|| 1986, January 9: A cesarean section birth “two weeks early” at Dover, Delaware Air Force base “sometime during the day.”

|| 1987-1988:
He only remembers a few images from a very young age (within his first two years alive stumbling around as an infant) of him sitting behind a drum set looking out of a garage-like structure. The drums and cymbals were almost completely black due to the Sun’s light intensity shining from the other side of them, and he was able to barely reach the rack toms with the sticks in his hands. After the first or second year breathing oxygen, his family moved to Long Island, New York.

|| 1994:
Finally sat behind another drum set around age 8. Using his friend’s drum set, they started their first band called Steel Bullets (which seemed really cool at the time).  After getting started again, he performed live with bands and solo from age 9 up until his current age.

|| 1994-2006:
Played/worked with a lot of amateur bands that ranged from Fast, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Metal/Hardcore, Punk/Hardcore, RAP/Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues, Rock, a cover band, and more.

|| 2007:
Debut album titled Eclectica

|| 2010:
2nd album titled Quantumphysimorphosis - Evolution Of Mind

|| 2010:
3rd, relatively acclaimed album titled A Frightful & Delightful Halloween

|| 2011:
4th album titled Earthgasm

|| 2012:
5th album titled Earthgasm - The Second Cumming

   Some bands/artists AMA has played with/alongside, or has produced, co-produced, or engineered since have been:

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  iCAN has been coon ntinuing to pursue his self-exploration, writing, music, education and comedy. He currently lives Long Island, NY.

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